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Guest Piece from Jesce Horton Co-Founder & Vice President of the Minority Cannabis Business Association

Every respected market research company emphasizes the importance of diversity for business success. This will prove to be even more essential for cannabis businesses hoping to survive and thrive in the dynamic development ahead.


Businessman and author, Steven Covey, once said, “Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.” This statement rings true in all walks of life, especially the business world.  Studies from Forbes, McKinsey and Harvard Business School show diversity as a key factor of innovation, growth and problem solving. The cannabis industry desperately needs these qualities to solve dosing/application challenges, overcome ferocious competition and comply with constant regulatory changes.


More importantly, when simply walking into any dispensary or patient care clinic, one of the first things noticed is the vast difference in the demographic of the customers/patients. In addition, there are the differences not clearly visible to the eye.


How can we truly serve this client base without authentic diversity in our workforce and leadership? Join Jesce Horton for a crucial webinar May 28th at 12pm MT as he explains why the cannabis industry needs diversity as a core principle, more so than any other industry in our nation.

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