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Jason Ray

Master Marijuana Cultivator


In this exploding industry of marijuana cultivation you may come across many professionals with botany degrees, people than can literally talk your ear off about their vast knowledge of how plants grow, what they need, don’t need, and throw a thousand technical terms at you to have you think that they can help you build and maintain a profitable and productive marijuana cultivation facility. What I have found from actually working with some of these individuals is that no amount of technical jargon can produce what experience can. In this new and exciting industry you can easily find yourself caught up in this situation for the simple fact that there isn’t very much true experience out there yet. Having said all of this, I would like to introduce myself as one of Colorado’s premiere Master Marijuana Cultivator’s with true experience and documents to back this up.


I learned about the cultivation of marijuana over a decade ago as a hobby because I loved the plant, it’s effects and benefits on the human mind, and how it made me feel and think.  Later in life this hobby proved invaluable to me.  A car accident caused severe nerve and muscle damage, as well as a lot of scar tissue on my body.  I was prescribed many medications to help me with pain, possible infections, and PTSD.  I found that cannabis alone helped me more than a handful of prescriptions did.  I also found that even after insurance, cannabis was more affordable and less addictive than these prescribed drugs but was still illegal to possess.  Since that time, a lot has changed, and our society has started to embrace this plant into our everyday lives. This has become a blessing in my life because I have become a “green thumb” with this particular plant. Now I can get into the real life experience I have had growing marijuana on a commercial level. Before I tell you about my experience, I want to express the fact that I will never produce quantity before quality! Many operations out there today produce hundreds of pounds of low-grade marijuana products which will still sell in the market place.  These operations will have to sell their products at a lower price and most likely will not have much repeat business. My goal, which I’m currently achieving to a certain degree, is to produce high volumes of top shelf marijuana on a daily basis.


Since 2009, I have designed and managed a commercial grow facility that has produced high grade, top shelf marijuana for medical dispensaries throughout the state of Colorado. Not only was this some of the highest quality, cleanest product in the state, but my production rates were outstanding and consistent. Our facility produced an average of 1.5 lbs/1K watts with a variety of over 25 strains! Over the years at this facility, I had to fight and overcome issues that every grower must face eventually. Insects and fungi being some of the worst. There were also timeline issues, security issues, employee issues and the list goes on!  Many operations today have faced being shut down for using pesticides and fungicides that are only to be used on ornamental plants.  The plants we grow in our industry are being used for making food products and are also inhaled so many of these fungicides/pesticides could prove to be very detrimental to our health!  It takes a lot of diligence to fight some of these issues with approved products which I have become very proficient with.  In this facility, I also streamlined a process from seed or clone, to finished flowers and have never lost a harvest nor was a harvest delayed or compromised in any way!  We retrieved high, but fair prices for our product and our customers always returned.


Now, Colorado voters have changed the game again!  We can now produce cannabis on a larger scale than ever for everyone that is of age to enjoy.  We are a progressive company so have moved up to a larger scale operation and have gone recreational.  I have now designed a new warehouse four times the size of our original grow!  This operation is state of the art, and is actually a model for one of the first publicly traded companies in the industry.  Sundance Gardens spared no expense building this facility and we love to give tours.  It has been challenging streamlining this facility because of the sheer number of plants that must be flourishing on a weekly basis.  I have an incredible team working with me at Sundance Gardens that are very diligent in every step of the process!  We also understand how important variety is so we strive harvest a large variety every week.  If you are in a State in which the laws have changed and you are thinking of starting this as a business I implore you to find a consultant.    Along with selling product, we also provide consulting services, so feel free to call for an initial consultation and a tour of our facility. No matter how much you know about business, growing plants, finding investors, building out your warehouse, or any aspect of taking on marijuana cultivation as a new venture, I promise you will save a lot of time, money, and effort talking with someone who has a proven track record! My team and I have over 30 years of combined experience and will be happy to show you our facility, product, and sales or production records.  !  This will give you piece of mind that you have chosen the right consultants for your project!  I have made my mistakes, so I’m not afraid to admit I can proudly advise you on what not to do, and how to get where you want to be in the most efficient & cost effective way. My team and I are more than happy to talk to you about your goals and help you put together a plan that is unbreakable.


If you are an existing Recreation Marijuana store that is need of new varieties, or just need additional product, please take a look at our Strain Availability Chart.  There you find potency test results and everything we have available updated daily!  If a strain that you would like is unavailable, take a look at our harvest calendar.  That will let you know when our next harvest is and what strains we will be harvesting.  “Smoke weed everyday.”

Sundance Gardens is a state-of-the-art marijuana grow facility located in Denver, Colorado. We offer over 30 strains of HIGH QUALITY marijuana with HIGH POTENCY. Each strain as a unique flavor and finish for all types of smokers.

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